Join us for our connect groups at 9am and worship experience at 10am!

Meet our team of small group leaders.

Our time together is to reach, teach, and minister.

We use the resource of Explore the Bible as our curriculum for small groups.

Jonathan Jordan

Co-ed 20's - 30's
 Meet Jonathan and Bethany Jordan, they are teaching co-ed 20-30’s and have been for several years now. They will be meeting in room E201 at 9am on Sundays. They are looking forward to growing together, going together, and serving together!

Blake Prater

"Fully Known" Co-ed 30's - 50's
 Meet Blake and Julie Prater, they are teaching the co-ed 30-50’s and are excited about gathering to find Jesus, friendship, and fellowship. Their group will meet in room MM212.

Jason Guthrie and Anthony Aaron

"Fuel for Life" Co-ed 30's - 50's
 Meet Jason and Stacey Guthrie, they, along with Anthony Aaron are teaching co-ed 30-50’s and are looking forward to experiencing life with any and all who may want to join in this faith journey! They will be meeting in room MM213.

Thomas Hyche

Co-ed 50 +
 Meet Thomas and Linda Hyche, they, along with Charles Stephens are teaching co-ed 50 + and are excited at the opportunity to reach, teach, and minister to any and all who join with them. They will be teaching in room E101.

Phillip Harbin

Co-ed 50 +
 Meet Phillip and June Harbin, they are teaching co-ed 50 + and look forward to growing in faith, fellowship, and friendship in the coming year! They will be teaching in room E206.

Sanford Hendon

 Meet Sanford Hendon, Sanford will be teaching a men’s class that is open to men of any age. Sanford has taught for many years and is well respected as a teacher. You'll find him in room E202.

The Discipleship Wheel

We desire to see people move through the discipleship wheel. The goal of the wheel is to serve alongside the Holy Spirit to see individuals move through loving God, loving others, and serving others.