We want everyone to hear the good of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Through podcast, we are able to share the love and grace of God all across the world. This ministry also allows us the opportunity to give the Word "on the go." If you love to walk, workout, or just happened to miss the last sermon, this is a great opportunity to catch up to what God was speaking in his people at Farmstead.

Latest Sermon

The Gospel of Mark

Chapter 7 & 8

Senior Pastor Ernie Price

Each week's sermon is prepared with the purpose of glorifying God, evangelizing the lost, and equipping the believer. Each week we will dive into the Word and truly understand what it means that it is "by faith, through grace, that we are saved."Come join us at 8:30am and 11am each Sunday for a time of worship of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  We looking forward to having you!

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The Gospel of Mark

This gospel is currently the book from which Bro. Ernie is preaching. 


Join us as we talk about the meaning of life. Solomon offers his insight to the meaning of life and how we should live in view of it.

Midweek Message

Join us as we discuss the life of Moses. Was he perfect, no. Was he used by God, yes. Why?
​​​​​​​Come and find out.